General Informations:


What is Gourmetto? :


Gourmetto is a company whose goal is to make home deliveries of Italian gastronomic products. Gourmetto's target is to create a bridge between the producer and the consumer so that people in Luxembourg can directly enjoy food products that are realized by small-scale producers and that do not pass through large food distribution networks and retailers. This translates into a choice of very traditional and high quality products just waiting to be delivered at your door and be experienced by you.


The benefits of such a service are wide-ranging:


- From the consumer point of view, Gourmetto allows you to taste artisanal gastronomic products that are obviously very savoury, healthy but are also ethically and environmentally sustainable since they have been realized in the utmost respect of the Italian gastronomic culture and tradition.


- From the producer point of view, Gourmetto exclusively works with little Italian agribusinesses that are either family-owned or cooperatively managed. Promoting these little businesses is essential to help preserve the cultural, social and economic heritage of the Italian countryside. Especially in these times of heavy urban migration, where young Italians do not have many incentives to remain in the country and learn traditional agricultural jobs.


How does Gourmetto work?


Gourmetto manages all its orders and deliveries via this e-commerce platform: We have one truck per week coming from Italy and we usually deliver all our products with 72h from the arrival of the goods. The delivery dates are always Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week.





Is the freshness of the products guaranteed?


Yes it is. We rigorously respect the cold chain and all our fresh products are delivered within 72h from their arrival from Italy. Our warehouse is equipped with a refrigerated cold room and all our deliveries are carried out with a refrigerated truck.

Our star products is the Buffalo Mozzarella that is produced in Italy every Monday and that can be tasted by our customers on a Wednesday, 48h hours after its making.


What kind of suppliers do you work with? Are they mostly small-scale producers?


Absolutely. We work exclusively with small-scale producers that share our vision and values on food quality, gastronomic tradition and land sustainability. Click here for more information about our partners.


Why is a specific item I ordered last time not available anymore?


Gourmetto is constantly looking to improve its service and the quality of its products. If we discover a new item that possesses a higher quality and taste than another product that we are already selling, then the latter will be replaced with the former so that we can continue to provide to our customers only the best of Italian food.


It is also possible that an item simply went temporarily out of stock, or that our supplier stopped producing it and thus we had to take it out of our catalogue.


Could you add to your catalogue a specific product that I really enjoy eating?


Of course. We are open to any kind of suggestion from our customers and if you think that there is any product that is missing from our offer, just inform us about it and we will do our best to find a suitable supplier to work with in order to include it one our store. You can write us at


Why is the weight of the item that I ordered different from the indicated weight on the website?


For some items such as salamis, ham and other meat products, we receive from our suppliers many different pieces with sizes and weights that can differ from one item to the other. On our website, we indicate one single weight that is usually a rounded-down figure of the lower average weight of the items. We then try to deliver to our customers only the pieces that have a weight above the indicated weight on the website so that you always get what you paid for, if not more.

It can nevertheless happen that sometimes some pieces go slightly below the indicated weight. In case this were to happen to you, do not hesitate to get back to us and we will do our best to make up for our mistake by compensating you as you see fit.


For what items can I exercise my right of withdrawal?


The right of withdrawal applies to all non-fresh products that are non-perishable in the short-term. It is not possible to return items that have a short deterioration date (such as mozzarella and other fresh cheeses) or that have been opened following the delivery.


If you are not satisfied with a product you ordered and would like to return it or simply ask for a refund, you can file a complaint at the following email address: We invite you to share with us as many informations as possible explaining the reason for your complaint. You can also add pictures to show us the nature of the problem. We will take the complaint into consideration and get back to you as soon as possible to make up for the inconvenience and compensate you in the way that you see fit.





What are the deadlines to place an order?


There are no deadlines for orders on our store. The online shop is open 24h/7 and the deliveries always take place between 2 working days from the moment you order (minimum) if the items are all available, and 7 working days (maximum) if we need to order some of them in Italy. This can happen with mozzarella and other fresh cheeses that we do not keep in store for a long time and we therefore need to order regularly.


Is there a minimum order?


No. There is no minimum order required. You can also order one single item if you like. The only difference is that for orders below € 30 total, a € 4.80 delivery fee is applied.


I just placed an order, how do I know it is confirmed?


Once you have completed the ordering process on the website, you will receive an automated confirmation email that will inform you of all the details of your order, including the ordered items, total cost, and delivery address and expected delivery date and time. In case you do not see the email, check in the Spam box of your mailbox or into the "Promotions" section if you use Gmail.


Can I modify my order once I have completed it?


If you would like to modify your order, you can contact us as soon as possible on our email address: or on our phone number +352 661 220 052 and inform us about the changes you would like to make. We will be sure to do our best within our abilities to make the desired changes and correct the invoice in case of insertion or removal of items from your order.





How and when should I pay for my order?


Payments can be made in three different ways:


            - By credit card during the final steps of the order on the website

            - By credit card during the delivery

            - In cash at the delivery


Is it safe to pay with the credit card on Gourmetto's online store?


Yes. Using the credit card to buy on Gourmetto's online store is safe and easy. To guarantee the safety of the transaction, these take place directly on your bank's servers, via the payment gateway platform "Stripe".         


The website does not memorize the credit card's number and other details. Nevertheless, if you specifically select the option, there is the possibility to remember the details in order for you to not have to insert them again on your second purchase. These details are safely stored in the servers of our online payment service provider. This service provider uses the SSL protocol to cryptograph all the data transmitted from your server to the browser.





When will my order be delivered?


In the final steps of the order, you have the possibility to insert your preferred date and time of delivery. The delivery dates are always Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. Each client is free to choose the time slot that suits him best for the delivery and we will make sure to have it delivered at the indicated date and time.


Where will my order be delivered?


Your order can be delivered wherever you wish to receive it, as long as it is on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It can therefore happen at your house or at your workplace. All you need to do is insert the details of the delivery during the ordering process and we will make sure to have it delivered at the indicated address.


NB: In case you ordered fresh items such as mozzarella or other cheeses, we strongly advise you to select a home address for the delivery so that they can be stored in a fridge in the shortest possible delay. To have them delivered at your office means they might have to spend some time outside a fridge and this might cause them to lose some of their freshness.


Can I get my order delivered outside of Luxembourg?


Unfortunately not. Currently Gourmetto only operates within the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Nevertheless, if you live abroad but work in Luxembourg, you can always get your order delivered at your workplace!


Is the delivery free of charge?


The delivery is free of charge for orders above € 30. If your order total is below € 30, then we will have to charge you a €4.80 fee for the delivery.


What happens if nobody is home during the agreed delivery time?


In case you are not able to be home at the previously agreed time, we invite you to notify us of this as soon as possible and we will be sure to find a suitable solution that can be convenient to both parties.


Weather permitting, we can agree to leave your package in front of your door or in your garden, provided that it is safe from climate hazards and from indiscreet eyes. In case this option was not available, then we can reschedule the delivery to another date and time based on our availabilities.


Why does the Gourmetto delivery sometimes takes up to 7 working days to take place?


Gourmetto receives one truck per week from Italy with all its fresh items. This truck arrives on Monday night and all the weekly deliveries usually take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If an order is submitted before those dates (for example on the previous Saturday), then we will be able to add your desired item on our next oncoming truck and have it delivered to you by of the same week, meaning within 48h hours of the time of order.


If on the other hand, an order was to be submitted to us on a Wednesday, and some items were not available in stock, then we would have to order them in Italy and have them shipped on the truck coming the week after. This means the order would have to be delivered on the following Tuesday, meaning around 7 days after the date of order.